Provisio Funding provides high funding-to-value hybrid finance for property development and investment opportunities.

What we offer


We work ‘in partnership’ with entrepreneurs, taking a proactive and flexible view of development funding, and share the risks and rewards of a development or investment opportunity.



  • Up to 95% of Development Cost, including land, or 75% of the Gross Development Value (GDV).
  • Legal security is not normally taken over the land.
  • We can work with or without your bank, as a provider of senior debt, by arranging subordinate ‘mezzanine’ finance.
  • Developers typically retain 90% of the development profit after all costs but only have to provide between 5% and 20% of the land and development cost.



  • For those buying an investment or trading property we can provide up to 95% of the purchase price including acquisition costs.
  • This releases equity capital to develop and improve the property thereby increasing its value. This is often a valuable route where equity capital is limited.
  • We can provide shared ownership as well as re-purchase options as part of investment funding.

Why choose us?

3 Basic Steps to Succeed


We offer an innovative and flexible approach where each proposal is considered on its own merit rather than through an automated process or by a credit committee structure used by many banks.


We talk to your professional advisers or directly to yourself and we always take a partnership approach to every project.  Our team is very practical and we like to ‘get our hands dirty’ on-site.


We operate a team of in-house property, project management, legal and accountancy professionals. People who fully understand the development, investment and funding process.

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